Albuquerque Mantra & Music Concert

Saturday September 7th from 6pm to 10pm

Performances by Ganga Jala Band, Spirit Soul & Friends, and TULSI d


Warehouse 508: A peaceful, sober, & clean environment

508 1st Street NW, Albuquerque. Phone 505-296-2738

See map at bottom of page for directions.

Ganga Jala Band

The Ganga Jala band is a 7th time winner at the Global Music awards a worldwide music competition. Their brand of Kirtan performance is a blend of World music, rock, jazz, New Age and ambient sound. Ganga Jala band has not only been showcased at the major festivals but also at the iconic “House of Blues and Hollywood Bardot” in Los Angeles California.

Spirit Soul and Friends - A Musical Peace Troupe

Spirit Soul And Friends provides a family-friendly interactive program designed for any private, corporate or public event.  They are entertaining and FUN!  This multi-talented versatile ensemble brings forth their common goal of taking music and dance to a higher level with inspiring original compositions, peaceful transcendental mantras and uplifting Kirtan accompanied by graceful Yoga Dancers. Audiences at every event are invited to joyously interact with songs and sounds of peace filled with messages of love and harmony.  Video:


Listen to Tulsi d’s latest single titled “Heart Warmth” that she premiered at the Lotus Festival