Glorieta Mesa Yoga Pavilion

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We built the Yoga Pavilion just for you to experience Joyful Meditation in the most beautiful and natural environment we could find …
J and J on Pavilion 2015 crop –Jolanda and Jivan

Joyful Meditation on the Mesa Yoga Pavilion


Yoga Meditation Class on Mesa Pavilion

Learning breath control and concentration techniques to enable deep meditation.
Classes are small to help us give individual attention to students.


An essential part of Joyful Meditation.

We concentrate on asanas which promote health and teach specific asanas according to your ayurvedic
body type.

Asanas, linked with pranayama (breath control), help us prepare for deep, joyful meditation.


mellow chantingKirtan — the chanting or singing of mantras, or yoga sounds — is the most effective and powerful form of Joyful Meditation.

The Yoga Pavilion is ideal for a few people  doing mellow chanting or a large group ecstatically singing and dancing together.

Ecstatic Kirtanecstatic kirtan 2


The Glorieta Mesa Yoga Pavilion exists “off the grid”. We capture our own rainwater for cleaning, collect solar energy for electricity, use wood for some heating, and compost all our waste. The Pavilion is very “green” and efficient and rests lightly on the land.

outdoor kitchen 2
We provide our guests with rustic but clean and efficient facilities for cooking.

An efficient outdoor kitchen for guests to prepare food

An efficient outdoor kitchen for guests to prepare food

kitchen sink

Grey water from sinks used for irrigation.

propane stove close up
A propane stove for cooking

Though off the grid, we have simple, comfortable sanitation facilities
Though off the grid, we have simple, comfortable sanitation facilities.

A comfortable and private hot water outdoor shower for guests
A comfortable and private hot water outdoor shower for guests

composting toilet
A clean, private composting toilet