Kirtan is the heart and soul of yoga: a deep reservoir of all-satisfying waters that allows you to experience inner peace and spiritual happiness. The more you drink from this reservoir, the more your heart will be filled with spiritual love and comfort.

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What is Kirtan?

Kirtan, the singing or chanting of sacred mantras, or Transcendental Sound, is an easy yet sublime method of yoga meditation that has been practiced since time immemorial. It is the recommended process for self-realization in the modern age and has the gradual effect of cleansing your heart and mind, helping you to awaken and cultivate your inherent wisdom and spiritual love.

Kirtan is for Everyone

Kirtan is enjoyed by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Kirtan transcends all languages, nationalities, and religious faiths. Anyone can practice kirtan. You can be five or 95; physically fit or unfit. You may be a practitioner of yoga asanas, or you may be disabled and in a wheel chair. It doesn’t matter if you are a scholar or illiterate; single or married; man or woman. Kirtan is as universal as a beautiful sunrise.

Benefits of Kirtan

Regularly immersing your heart and mind in kirtan will illuminate your path in life, and shed light on your relationships with others, your work, your environment, how to deal with failures and setbacks, and on every aspect of your life.

Not only does kirtan help relieve stress, worries, and anxiety, it awakens and cultivates the innate wisdom, happiness, and spiritual love lying dormant within you. By gradually cleansing your heart and mind, you can discover and experience your real identity, self-worth, and purpose in life.

How is Kirtan practiced?

Kirtan is sometimes called music meditation as it incorporates playing musical instruments, singing, chanting, and dancing. However, it can be practiced with or without instruments, and in any musical style. You can practice alone or in a small or large group. You can chant loudly or softly, you can dance, or remain seated. Kirtan is generally practiced in call and response style, where one person will lead the kirtan by chanting a mantra, and others respond in unison, repeating the mantra.

What is Transcendental Sound?

Transcendental Sound is not something that can be made up, nor is it comprised of mundane words specific to a particular religion or region of the world. A sacred mantra, or Transcendental Sound, is comprised of various names or descriptions of the Supreme Soul. It originates in the spiritual realm and descends to the material platform without losing any potency, having been handed down orally for countless centuries via a chain of bonafide spiritual masters.

Experience Kirtan

If you receive these transcendental mantras through your ears and regularly bathe your mind and heart in that transcendental sound, you will begin to experience being situated in the world of pure, unconditional love for the Supreme Soul and all living beings.

Jivan and Jolanda chanting at Dwan Light Sanctuary
Chaitanya Nityananda Gaurhari By Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda
Madana Mohana Murari by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda